The story of poor Vespasian continues with a new game --

The Gillingham Problem:
In this game, you must stave off madness in order to solve the mystery of a man's dark dreams. Every choice has a chance of going poorly....

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Also, the stage play has been made available for purchase on Kindle. See how this chapter of the story ends!

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The Annwn Simulation 1985 

When the fairies returned to public life, they built a virtual world. Programming and spell-casting combine, and a new kind of wizard is born.

This game is not a part of the Waking Cassandra project, but if you enjoy interactive fiction and want to see another project

“Sons of the Cherry” is a game of espionage and arcane magic in the American Revolution. Choose a side or go it alone in the secret war for the soul of the new nation. Use multiple magic disciplines to reach your goals and change history.
The latest piece of media in the series in currently under review -- The Sons of the Cherry. A new text-based adventure in the choicescript engine.
Set in the distant future of the Waking Cassandra universe, Rhymer is now available!

If you could change the world with the power of thought, what would you do? Would you keep your loved ones safe? Or make sure their names will be sung forever?

The Concord threatens to isolate the far-flung moons of Banavah. The bloody menace of the Bear Men goes on unabated. In a mysterious region of space known as the Dreamsea, the future rests on the actions of one person: not the legendary Maelduin, nobleman and war hero, but Diuran, his feckless childhood tutor. Diuran the Rhymer, who has lied to Maelduin for over a decade. Who works for a brotherhood of secrets. Who can control the outcome of random events just by wishing.

An Irish wonder myth retold in mankind's spacefaring future.
Wonderful news -- the cast has been set for the reading on the 6th of December, and Kristen has managed to convince some of the region's finest talent to contribute.

Vespasian: Patrick Moltane
Mary: Bonnie Jean Taylor
Agatha: Maggie Zindle
Constance: Lisa Vitrano
Avi: Todd Benzin
Durand: Peter Jaskowiak
Dream Man: Christian Brandjes

The staged reading of the drama will be on December 6th, 2010, directed by local legend Kristen Tripp Kelley.
The staged reading of the stage play has been scheduled for 11/29/10.  If you are anywhere near Buffalo, come on down to Road Less Traveled Productions, see the play read by professional actors, and give the author your much-desired feedback! 
What is next in the world of poor haunted Vespasian Gillingham?  Next for us, but in the past for him.  Head over to to see the first installment in a web comic devoted to the dreams of Vespa's youth.
Now who is this odd fellow?  And what role does he play in the world of Vespasian's nightmares?  Keep an eye out, gentle reader, and you will soon see.