The approval process went quickly, and The Nightmare Maze is ready to play.  Click here to check it out.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below.
6/22/2010 05:24:26 am

i cant get past the the dying man, its impossible.

10/30/2013 12:21:24 am

i love your blog/website i have endeavoured to make one for ages but not ever knew how to do it but i have made one now and it is not any were near how good yours is now i seem ashamed but yours is amazing well done.

6/22/2010 11:53:21 pm

If you can keep your Fear stat at a minimum, that may help.

6/25/2010 08:54:51 am

Agh!! Loved this game, have it on my iPod, but I'm soooo impatient! When is the next bit coming out? Or is there going to be a next bit to come out? Again... Agh!

6/26/2010 12:36:22 pm

Excellent game only it was too short. I looking forward to the next one. Thank you !!

7/6/2010 03:30:25 pm

pretty tough game at the beginning, but i finally managed to find the reason behind the fear of birds. will there be a sequel/prequel to explore the other issues mentioned in the final scene?

9/17/2010 06:52:25 pm

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10/22/2010 02:54:29 am

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10/24/2010 07:24:32 am

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12/9/2010 05:03:54 pm

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12/28/2010 07:26:55 pm

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1/6/2011 11:37:43 am

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1/13/2011 05:13:49 pm

Eeks!!! Why do I feel your article is just incomplete and it surely is not appealing to me? How will it convince the other people…? You’ve got to do something with this problem of yours and try to do well before you lose your fan followers too.

4/28/2011 06:16:40 pm

i cant get passed the ghost thing some one please explain

7/13/2011 07:36:16 am

yea im having trouble getting past the ghost as well. it tells me that my fear reached a 100 but when i look at the stats its only 65 or something... i must be dreaming -_-

7/26/2011 06:26:44 am

9/8/2012 02:58:17 pm

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