Set in the distant future of the Waking Cassandra universe, Rhymer is now available!

If you could change the world with the power of thought, what would you do? Would you keep your loved ones safe? Or make sure their names will be sung forever?

The Concord threatens to isolate the far-flung moons of Banavah. The bloody menace of the Bear Men goes on unabated. In a mysterious region of space known as the Dreamsea, the future rests on the actions of one person: not the legendary Maelduin, nobleman and war hero, but Diuran, his feckless childhood tutor. Diuran the Rhymer, who has lied to Maelduin for over a decade. Who works for a brotherhood of secrets. Who can control the outcome of random events just by wishing.

An Irish wonder myth retold in mankind's spacefaring future.
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